The Pressible Blog and How these Articles Work

| January 25, 2011

Pressible is a blogging platform run by EdLab, here at TC. These posts, if you are seeing them in the Demo Template for Programs, are being pulled from a sample Program Blog. If you click the title, it will take you to that post on the blog page. What this means is that programs can share new and noteworthy information quickly and easily, while it is current. This lower area on the Main site is meant to be the News Hub and Archive for the program. They can be used in conjunction with the listserves, by sending a short email with a link to the full article on the blog.

You can see, in the Demo Template you just came from that information is now split into two areas. The drop down menus at the top, have been streamlined to provide quick and consistent access to the ongoing and relatively stable information about the program. The area at the bottom is for more time sensitive information.

These sections, such as this “Featured Articles” area, will display the most recent posts from the blog in that category. There is room for four sections on the Main Program Site. Three of them can be customized to any categories you want. (The default recommendation is “Featured Articles,” “Alumni Profiles,” and “Our Students.”) The fourth section is “Events,” and is pulled not from the Blog but from the Events feed used to display events college wide. (If there are not currently any events in the system for a program, the section hides itself, so there is never an empty section.)

You can set a post on the blog to display in the appropriate section on the Main Program website by assigning it the related Topic/Category when creating the post in Pressible.